God is incredible
the way he is working at college:

L, a guy who came to a Bible Study for the first time in week 1 this year, who got saved that week and has been regular at church ever since,
we got a box of Essential Jesus books from Barney’s church
this week we’ve door knocked nearly every door in college
i asked him this morning if he wanted to help
he said, sure
 which is cool
so we’ve handed out these books
hundreds of them
very positive responses
its such good evangelism
God’s word (powerful) in a gift (friendly)

additionally, next week we’re starting Simply Christianity course
on Tuesday nights
1 girl who came to college this year and who, in her words, ‘wants to become a born again Christian’
looked me up on facebook to tell me she was keen
another girl, who says she is christian, and might be, but doesn’t have much knowledge at all; she is coming
another girl, who isn’t Christian but has a desire to understand and who, once after coming to a Bible Study on John, went back to her room and read the whole book
she’s coming

just had inter-college prayer with
people from
my college
a boys college
a girls college
the uni village
arundel house
moore college residence
and the newtown terraces
about 40 people praying, sharing what God’s doing at each college, singing

I don’t know that there has been an intercollegiate fellowship like it in a very, very long time
but i’m stoked for what it means for mutual encouragement

craziest thing just happened
door knocking to give an essential jesus
door opens
i do my spiel

he says
“oh, I’m already reading the gospel of luke”
me: “really? sweet, how come?”
him: “well I actually became a Christian 2 weeks ago”
(this is a guy who has only just moved in this semester)
apparently he was reading about one of his favourite guitarists (he’s a muso), who is a christian, and it just hit him
how cool is that

earlier this week i was a bit bummed out
felt like as a group the Christians were wearing out
there was a bit of tension
i think general discouragement
but right now I’m so encouraged
one of my friends, a Christian at college
was really down on Tuesday
we spent a few hours chatting, just unloading
then on Wednesday she and D did ‘Essential Jesus’ handing out together

i asked her today how it was
face lit up
apparently she got into a 45 minute chat with someone
I feel like all this is such a case of Galatians 6:9: Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

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